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Oil Cleansing Method


I recently discovered the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) online.  I have now been using it for 3 weeks.  I am amazed!  I never thought cleansing my face with oil would make such a difference in my skin.  My face is not only oil free and that includes by the end of the day, but it is softer than it has ever been in my life.  The OCM has evened out my skin tone as well.  I am 47 yo and wish that I would have found this sooner in life.  I can’t even imagine the results if you would start the OCM in your younger years.

There are 2 components in the OCM.  One is castor oil.  It is important to find cold pressed or 100% pure.  The reason being, is this is castor oil in it’s more natural state.  Castor oil removes the impurities from your skin.  I did have a bit of a break out when I first started.  This is normal, due to the castor oil bringing the dirt and impurities to the surface.    This also is said to work very well for acne. Castor oil is said to also thicken your eyelashes (I think it is working) and eyebrows.  No, it doesn’t promote hair growth so that you wake up with a mustache!  Castor oil will dry your skin as well, so it is important to use the second component too.

The second component is EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This is most like our natural oils in our skin.  This is used to moisturize your skin.

I started with a small batch and recommend that you do too.  You will have to adjust the amounts based on your skin type.  I started with 2 T Castor Oil to 1 T EVOO.  (I am usually oily in the T Zone.) This batch lasted for about a week.  Cleanse your face morning and night with the oil.  No need for cleansers or moisturizers any more.  I wash my (dry) face at night with it and take a very warm wet washcloth and rest it on my face until it reaches room temperature and wipe it off.  In the morning, first thing, I get into the shower and cleanse my face with the oil.  This allows the steam from the shower to open my pours.  Then just wipe if off with a warm, wet washcloth.

I have since adjusted the mixture to 1 T Castor Oil and 2T EVOO.  I needed more moisturizing for my skin as I have gotten further along.  I have always been a sun worshiper and also use it on my neck and chest.  These areas also have much improved.

When mixing your potion, remember castor oil drys and removes impurities.  EVOO moisturizes.  You can also start at a ratio of 50-50 and go from there.

I no longer use powder on my face (no oil) and I am finding my skin has never been healthier, clearer, softer or even toned.  My makeup goes on much smoother and I am just amazed by the difference it has made on my skin.  Your skin is healthiest when it is well balanced.  The harsh cleansers we use, do nothing but strip our skin of the natural oils we need for healthy skin. The best part-these are all natural products! NO more expensive cleansers and moisturizers for me.  I am hooked!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!