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There’s an old joke that goes something like this: “I had bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning. That chicken was interested but the pig was committed.”

I love what I do. I love supporting other people and I get jazzed when one of my ideas finds it’s way out into the world and starts to make a difference. The day I became an entrepreneur, I realized that this was what I was born to do. My personality is perfectly suited to every aspect of my job.

I’m a connector (it’s my number one value), and I get to connect for a living. Love that.
I have a degree in theatre, so speaking in front of people feels more like play than work to me and I’m more at home on a stage than anywhere else in the world.
I’ve loved to write since I was a little girl, so all of the writing I do for my business also comes easily and feels fulfilling.
I have a “natural aptitude” for the computer, so I can learn the applications and programs I need for my job fairly quickly.
I’m a ridiculously hard worker (I’ve been called a workaholic and I’m writing this on a Sunday morning…but don’t tell anyone).
I’ll also honestly tell you…READ MORE


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