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The Direct Sales Industry grows daily and people often get lost in all of the activity.  Below are things you should know before getting involved with a direct sales or party plan company.

Before you start looking….

Are you goal oriented?  As with any business, including your own in direct sales, setting and writing out a plan to meet goals is a must in this business for success.  From weekly sales goals, number of weekly parties held and number of new team member additions. If you do not take your direct sales business seriously and work it as a business, it will reflect that.

Are you able to commit to a direct sales business part time or full time?  Note that it is part time or full time, not hobby time.  You will not reach success in your direct sales business doing hobby time (when you feel like it)  You must commit to your direct sales business and build it each day.

Are you outgoing or do you want to be?  If you are, terrific!  If you want to be, this business can help you to overcome!

Do you have a willingness to share and to help others?  This is what a direct sales business is about.  If you are excited and it is something that is helping you, why wouldn’t it help others too? If you don’t share with your customers, hostesses, friends, family members, group members, etc, you are NOT helping any one.  Having a direct sales business is all about helping others to succeed whether it is your hostess having an amazing fun time with her friends and meeting her sales goals to get the most Free Jewelry, or helping others by introducing them to your direct sales business and helping them to meet their needs and reaching their goals.

Are you self motivated?  Self motivation is key.  Just as you must go each day to your J.O.B., you must work your direct sales business.  I can offer one question, that will help you here every time.  Ask yourself this, if I told my boss ______________, would I lose my job or jeopardize my job?  If, you chose to fill in the blank with “take a nap” instead of working your direct sales business would it jeopardize your business?  Imagine telling your boss, Hi Boss, I won’t be in to work today, I am taking a nap.  Would that jeopardize your job?  If yes, you are jeopardizing your direct sales business!  You must work your scheduled hours.  You schedule the hours to work, you must work them. You have no one to answer to, except yourself.

Can you prioritize and manage your time?  Prioritizing and time management are very important. Doing money making activities are what those who experience success in any business do each day.  This can be making contacts, meeting new people (networking), educating yourself in all aspects of your direct sales business, advertising, making phone calls etc.  This is not posting on Facebook and expecting that is all you have to do.  Do the most important money making activities first and arrange your list by money making importance.  You must “go to work” according to your set schedule.  If you are running out of time, consider hiring a teenager to do such things as mailings for you.  Delegate.

Do you or will you persevere?  Are you willing to do what it takes? Business will not fall in your lap.  You must go out and get it!

As you are looking for a direct sales company….

When looking for a direct sales/party plan company, be informed.

1.  Is it a product that “YOU” love?  Not your friends.  Your friends are not selling it.  Most of your friends will agree with you no matter what.  If you like it-your friends will.  If you don’t-your friends won’t.  Your enthusiasm about a product and opportunity will sell to your friends.

2. If the direct sales company has been around for some time, does not necessarily mean it is best for you.  What it means, is that there is most likely, a tremendous amount of saturation in many areas. They may try to “foo foo” it and make it sound like it is the best thing since sliced bread, however, if you have too many of one thing in a small area, there are still only so many customers to go around.  You won’t see the big retailers such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot with a store on each corner. They must have a customer base to support each store.

3.  Ask questions.  What are the fees and costs involved with the direct sales company that they consider doing business?  Most won’t “put it out there” and you may not find out about it until after you join. Renewal fees, application fees, monthly fees?  Fees to access the back office? Websites offered?  Can customers purchase from your website? Company provided hostess plan at no cost to you?  Are you required to carry inventory?  Are there party processing fees?  What if your party does not qualify, what happens? Am I required to take part in an auto ship program? Costs of business materials?  Credit card processing fees? It isn’t all about the % of commissions.  Weigh the fees out with the commissions.  You will find in most cases the higher the commissions – the more fees involved. Are the majority of your commissions going to the fees?  You will have some fees or charges associated with a party plan/direct sales business.  This is the cost of doing business and in most cases is tax deductible.  By no means should you choose a company with the highest fees and think that it will all be deductible on your taxes.  You have to make the income first to deduct it and then only a “portion” is deductible.

A commissions of 50% may actually only be 20%, once the fees are deducted.  Refer to #3, you may get paid a 50% commission on your sales, but if the area is saturated with reps, you may not make the sale to begin with.  Your customers, hostesses and potential team members may give you the been there-done that attitude.

4.  Do not pay for anything!  EVER!  Be sure when you join a direct sales company that you are receiving a “tangible” product for your purchase.  Such as a business start up kit with products.

5.  Not all great companies are listed with the DSA, Direct Selling Association.  Although they would like you to believe that they are. Only about 200 direct sales companies are paid members of the DSA.  Believe me, they are many, many more companies! Thousands of direct sales companies are out there. If a direct sales company is NOT listed with the DSA it does NOT mean that it is NOT legitimate.  You must do your research. Seems even some of the companies that are not legitimate, sneak by the DSA too.  Research Research. Research.   READ MORE

6.  Most companies will pay you on your sales and your downline team sales.  However, if the company is paying you “only” for recruiting others into the company and not your actual sales or those of your team- walk away!

7.  Be sure you are selling a “tangible” product or service.  READ MORE  Party Plan companies are heavily regulated by the FTC Federal Trade Commission not the DSA.

8.  Years in business?  Each and every direct sales company started as a new business at one time.  Newer direct sales companies can provide you with more opportunity for expansion of your business and increasing your rank within the company.  Many experienced in this profession look for a new company to start with for that benefit. Older,established direct sales companies have unfortunately bankrupted.  We  have all seen this!  No one is immune. It is a chance we all take, even with our J.O.B.’s! It can not always be predicted.  So do not let that scare you away from a new company!

9.  If it sounds to good to be true.  It probably is. We have all heard it but many of us still ignore it.

Is there money to be made in a Direct Sales Business?

The answer to that is…. it all depends on YOU!  Yes, there is money to be made in a direct sales business and good or great money too!  It all depends on you.  It takes perseverance just as with any business and YES’s to the Before you Start Looking Section.

Is Direct Sales or Party Plan for Me?

Refer to the Before you Start Looking Section.  Did you answer, YES to the questions?  Then yes, owning your own Direct Sales/Party Plan business may be for you.  Owning a direct sales/party plan business does allow you flexibility in your schedule and does allow you to work from a home office.  Keep in mind it is a flexible schedule, so a working schedule must be set.  Not ALL of your time will be in your home office.  You must get out there and get business! So is it for you? Does working from home with flexible hours and control of your income sound good to you?

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