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With any business of any type, you must advertise your business!  All businesses should have a advertising budget no matter if it is a big or small budget.  With a small start up business, you may want to consider free or low cost advertising. If you are not advertising, you are not attracting new customers and will eventually run out of business.  You must always attract new customers to your business along with retaining current customers.  If you are not in front of your current customers on a regular basis, you won’t be in the forefront of their minds.


If you have a website, you must optimize your website by posting your website address online as much as possible.  Don’t make the mistake of believing that your customers will find you when they search.  How will you attract new customers?  For instance, if I was a potential new customer, I would not use a search engine such as Google and input your website address in the search box. I may search using something like, jewelry, home jewelry parties, jewelry party plan companies, etc.  These search words are called keywords.  When you are posting online, be sure to use keywords in your ads, but also use them when provided with the opportunity to add them.  Here is a tool to use to help you with keywords


Many of these advertising options are done on the internet.  Be sure to include your website address.  This will also help to optimize your website if your website address is posted in the ad.  No matter what you do for advertising, NEVER forget your contact information!  Your contact information should be on anything relating to your business from brochures, fliers, catalogs etc. Contact information should include, your name, your title, your business name, email, phone number and website address.

Here is a few of low cost or no cost advertising options:

Create Business Facebook Page separate from your personal profile.  For Bella Shaye Jewelry Consultants your business name is Bella Shaye Jewelry / Your Name

Advertise on Facebook.  You set the budget.  Inexpensive.

Join groups.  Search in Facebook, direct sales, party plan, direct sales coaches etc and post your website address and comments through your business page.

Join other networking sites.  Search mom networking sites and create a profile on each site.

Search “Search Engines” and post your link to each search engine. Yes, there are many more search engines than Google and Yahoo.  They do not automatically pick up your website.  You must submit it.

Search “Free Online Classifieds” and post an ad.

Online Yellow Pages directories.

Post an ad on Craigslist keep renewing it.

Comment on blogs and message boards and use your website address and contact info in your signature.

Create a signature in your email including your website address, business name and contact info.

Do your own newsletter for your customers.  This is often overlooked!  Give an incentive to signup to your newsletter or to pass it on to friends.  A terrific newsletter service FREE of charge is

Create a networking club.  For more info on a networking club

Register your business with work from home, online shopping, direct sales, party plan directories.

Run a contest using your website and your newsletter subscribers and list your contest in Contest and Sweepstake webpages.

Check your newspaper and send your business information to new brides or new moms.

Join Networking groups in your area.

Become a speaker in your local library or club.  They are always looking for Free Speakers.

Leave your brochures with your contact info in storefronts, where mom’s, working mom’s, women and men do business. Don’t exclude men from your business. Although not as popular as women, men work in jewelry party plan too!  Think daycare centers, nail salons, hair salons, weight loss clinics, women only gyms, etc.

Ask your bank if you can set up a display table. Many banks allow this to support small businesses.

Exchange business cards and info with other business owners.

Offer to set up a display and advertise with a local small business that will benefit you both.

Have a free drawing box in local businesses.

Write articles relating to your type of business and post online.

Look for and pin your brochures or fliers to community bulletin boards found in your grocery stores, pet supply stores, apartment communities, housing communities, etc.

Take part in job fairs in your community.  Very popular with today’s unemployment rates and with many starting their own business.

Offer and donate a prize package and contact your local radio and TV stations for one of their contests they hold.

Leave your business cards where ever you go, with your tip at the restaurant, hotels, even in public restrooms!

Create small gift packages using our jewelry pouches and with your business card and a small inexpensive piece of Bella Shaye Jewelry and give it to those who have waited on you in a store, post office etc.  Brighten someone’s day!

Do fundraisers with local churches, school sports and clubs, charities etc. or donate a prize.

Get creative on ways to advertise your business.  These are just a few and many more can be found online at your finger tips if you just search for them!

Feel free to comment and list more ideas for advertising!