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Mom Blogger Interview: Denise From Bella Shaye Jewelry

Denise Snow  Founder/President with son Jeremy Harper Vice President

Bella Shaye Fine Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

on his wedding day


Today we want you to meet Denise from Bella Shaye Jewelry.

Tell us about your blog.
The Bella Shaye Jewelry blog is where we as women can come together for motivation and inspiration. A place to share our ideas as women, mothers and independent business owners and to further our education in the direct sales business.

The Bella Shaye Jewelry blog however, is not all about business. We also share tips for the home, recipes and more, all in a positive and supporting environment.

Why did you start blogging?
To be perfectly honest, I started blogging to increase traffic to our main website. I am the Founder/CEO of Bella Shaye Jewelry. A direct sales /party plan company. From there it grew and I have only been doing it for a few months and am still learning.

I love to share information that I find on the web and from the many direct sales coaches to help educate those in this business or those looking to start in this business. I also like to share recipes and tips too. Just another way, I feel, to help others.

What are your goals for your blog going forward?
To continue to help educate women that are already in the business of direct sales/party plan and to expose those that are not, to the benefits of the business.

With the job situation as it is here in the U.S., many are becoming entrepreneurs and starting a direct sales/party plan business to replace their jobs and helping to eliminate the worry of a layoff.

You can not be laid off from your job when you own your own business. You are in control. Others are looking to add an extra income to help make ends meet and this is a wonderful way to meet their needs and more while working around their family.

Now that I recently became a Grandma, I am really enjoying being in this business and appreciate the benefits that I did not have while raising my son.

Are you active in Social Media? What do you enjoy about it?
I am active in social media. I do love it.

On a personal note, it has been a lot of fun catching up with old friends and even the day to day of friends that I am in touch with now.

On the business side, I enjoy sharing with others our beautiful Bella Shaye Jewelry, providing motivation and inspiration and the exposure to the world of direct sales and our company Bella Shaye Jewelry.

I also enjoy the feedback and conversation from our friends on our Bella Shaye Facebook page, our jewelry consultants and our customers. I would devote more time to it, if I could and am working on that.

I noticed recently, after all this time, that I actually had our Bella Shaye Fan Page set to “unpublished”, so we could not be searched! Once I changed that, things changed. Of course, that could have happened during one of the Facebook changes that upsets many people!

On the negative side of Social Media, I believe that we are slowly isolating ourselves human contact. It seems no one talks on the phone any longer or meeting in person seems less too. Why should you when you can just tweet or post what is currently happening in your life? It concerns me on where Social Media is leading us to. Remember the movie with Sandra Bullock, The Net?

If you had to pick a favorite post on your blog what would it be and why do you like it best?
I actually have 2. One personal and one business. The personal post is about White Vinegar used as a weed killer. It brings many fond memories of my husband the weed warrior, killing weeds with commercial weed killer, when all along we could have been using white vinegar! It works too! I had always thought of using more natural products for our environment and Pinterest got me started.

We have 2 Golden Retrievers and each time we used the commercial weed killer, we had to be concerned about them getting into it and had to keep them in the house until it dried. With white vinegar, no more concern and it is so much cheaper than the $100 we would spend on the commercial brands. Safe for our environment too!

I also use natural dog shampoo for my pups. Since my one and only son is grown and gone, my pups have become my children and I am very concerned about canine cancer. I use all natural dog shampoo for bathing them (I use it often-I like them clean for snuggling). The vinegar in the shampoo keeps fleas away too, so no more of the chemical flea repellents on them either!

For business, my favorite is “What to Know Before you get Involved with a Direct Sales/Party Plan Company”. I offer thought provoking questions to consider before getting involved.

Often times, many enter a direct sales company with big dreams of a lot of money to be earned, but treat their business as a hobby. This is a business and a great and inexpensive way to get into business for yourself, but it is not a hobby.

Hobby time invested in your business, will not bring you big money. You do have to work your business each day either part time or full time to get the benefits from it that you desire. Part time work-part time pay. Full time work-full time pay.

Yes, the pay is better than most J.O.B.’s but the money doesn’t fall in your lap. Unfortunately, many are lead to believe that once they start they can just “wait” for the money to roll in. This is where some get frustrated and quit their business before it has a chance to get rolling.  It can be an excellent way to earn great money, but you must invest the time and effort.

I also provide questions, from a different prospective of questions to consider while searching for your ideal company. Many get caught up in the hype, when there are many things to consider besides the commissions paid out by the company. You must do research and consider ALL of what is involved with a particular company, including the expenses, limitations and much more.

Bella Shaye has worked hard to be unique in the industry by supporting women in the industry so that they can make money and offer ways for them to save money on business expenses while earning a great commissions!

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