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May 27, 2012

By Joy Hampton The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Women who sell Avon, Arbonne, Amway and Tupperware say their companies continue to evolve and change to meet the demands of the market. They also say these direct sales approaches can be a fun way to work, combining socializing — through personalized demonstrations in the home or through home-parties — with business.

Cherie Allen thought she’d like to have a party for Thirty-One which sells purses and totes. The company has a Christian twist with a philosophy based on Proverbs 31 describing the virtuous woman. Allen was so impressed, she signed up to be a sales consultant.

“I love direct sales,” she said.

Direct sales and home-based businesses are particularly appealing to mothers with young children. College students use direct sales as extra income, and some full-time employees start a home-based company on the side to supplement income, only to find it growing into a full-time occupation later.