Is Ground Floor the Way to Go with Direct Sales Companies?

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Is ground floor the way to go? Over the years that we have been in business, (since 2007), we have heard from many, how frustrated they are with saturation of a direct sales/party plan company within their home town.  The complaints include, difficulties with bookings and team building and just a over all lack of interest.  Most of the would be customers have a been there done that attitude.

Saturation is similar to overpopulation, how can you grow your business and stand out amongst so many others? You are selling the same product as many others with the same direct sales company.  Although there are benefits of joining a company that has been around a while, does it really out weigh the benefits?  Sure the brand is known, but how many of your potential customers have hosted a party or already bought products from this company?  What are the chances of you moving up the career ladder with the company?

I believe a ground floor company is the way to go.  No the brand may not be known, but sometimes that isn’t a bad thing if your potential hostesses and customers have already formed a not so great opinion of the brand.  With a ground floor company, it is up to you to introduce the brand to them by conducting parties and building a team.  How would it make you feel to be the first in your home town to introduce the product to your friends and family?

What if you had the opportunity to have a hand in shaping the company?  Would you feel as if you are an important part of it’s development and growth?

With a ground floor opportunity, you also have the room for growth of your business by sponsoring others on to your team.  You have the opportunity to move up the career ladder with your direct sales company.  With most direct sales companies (I can not think of one that is excluded) you must build a team for career advancement.  If the company is saturated, how do you plan to do this?

Why do direct sales companies saturate an area?  Most are charging fees to their representatives.  These fees benefit the direct sales company and it does not matter if you are out selling or not, they are earning.  The more representatives, the more they earn.  Of course, they want you to sell too.  That is gravy to them.

Give serious thought to a already saturated company or a ground floor company before you get started.  Ask how many representatives are in your area.  Don’t let anyone poo poo it away about saturation.  I always say, Walmart does not have 100 stores in your home town for a reason.  There is not enough population to support 100 stores.  Nor is there population to support hundreds of representatives for one company.

Think of the growth you could have starting as one of the first in your area.  Would your customers and hostesses be curious about your product to want to see it by attending your parties and hosting parties?  How many others in your area could you add to your team that are frustrated with saturation?  How far up the career ladder could you go?

Why do we work only with those serious about a part time or full time business and who can commit to a minimum of 10 hours each week in their business?  It keeps our saturation low for our business owners.  This is how we truly support our business owners.  Bella Shaye has no fees, so there is no benefit to us to saturate an area.  Our success comes from your independent business growth.  The way it should be.  We truly support and care about our business owners.

If you are not one who can commit to at least 10 hours each week to your business, then Bella Shaye is not for you.  Having a Bella Shaye business is not a hobby nor do we work hobby hours in our businesses.  We do not look to saturate an area with those who we only collect their fees.  We do not strive to be the largest party plan/ direct sales company, we strive to be simply the best.  We do want to help as many as we can, but our focus is on those who are committed to a business of their own. We are truly here to help women and men own and grow a business of their own.  We are a team of entrepreneurs.

I want a Ground Floor Opportunity!


Bella Shaye Jewelry since 2007. Bella Shaye Jewelry is a fee free direct sales jewelry ground floor opportunity, working with only those who can commit to a average minimum of 10 hours per week in their individual business. This is our way of providing a fee free company to our serious business owners and keeping our saturation low so that each business owner has the opportunity to grow his or her business in their hometown. We offer generous commissions of 30-40% plus up to 18% on your team. We are here to help others start a home based business of their own and enjoy the benefits and rewards of becoming a entrepreneur.

Bella Shaye offers a beautiful line of high quality fashion jewelry made of the finest materials from classics, to the years best trends, all with a Lifetime Guarantee.

State and Founding Leader Positions available for those who qualify.

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